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Story Monsters Ink® is a digital monthly publication that features profiles on renowned and newly published authors, book reviews, movie reviews, columns by Scholastic Book Clubs president Judy Newman and Reading Specialist Larissa Juliano, and more! It’s a monster of a magazine, filled with great reads for growing minds!

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Story Monsters Ink® has been named among the best in family-friendly media, products, and services.

  • Gold Award Recipient, Mom’s Choice Awards

  • Named among the “great magazines for kids and teens” by School Library Journal.

  • 2016 Irwin Award winner for “Best Publisher of a Literary Magazine” and “Best Editorial Director”

Publication Dates

Each digital issue is made available on the 16th of the month prior to the issue cover date month, unless the 16th falls on a weekend or holiday. In which case, the issue will be made available on the following Tuesday.

Example: The January 2019 is released during the third week of December 2018.

Submission Guidelines

Deadline: The 27th of the month for the next month's issue.

Submit a Book for Review: Please mail two copies of the book, contact information, and any media materials to: Cristy Bertini, Story Monsters Ink Book Reviews, 1271 Turkey Street, Hardwick, MA 01082. We do not guarantee that all books received will be reviewed and published in Story Monsters Ink. Reviews may be written by adults or students in the intended age group of the title. We do not charge a fee for book reviews.

Submit News, Reviews, Photos or Articles: Please email Cristy Bertini. Paste your submission into the body of the email, as well as sending it as an attachment. Text attachments must be in Word (.doc) format. Photos must be 300 dpi and sent as JPGs (.jpg). Please include captions with subject identification. Writer’s and/or photographer’s name, email address and phone number must accompany all submissions. Submissions to Story Monsters Ink are published on a space-available basis at the discretion of the editor and publisher. Article bylines will be given if substantial editing is not required. Photo credits will be given when submitted with photo. Payment will not be rendered for printed submissions unless a signed contractual agreement between the publisher and writer or photographer exists at time of submission.

Postal mail may be sent to: Story Monsters Ink, 4696 W. Tyson St., Chandler, AZ 85226

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