How to Draft a Pitch Letter for Reviews


Our last couple of blog posts have talked about the different types of reviewers and the goals you should define before you solicit them. The next step is drafting a pitch letter that you’ll send out to your chosen reviewers to grab their attention and solicit their review.

Soliciting a Review

Depending on the submission guidelines, you may be sending your letter via snail mail or via email. In either case, make sure that your letter has a professional appearance. If you’re using snail mail, this is the time to review the proper address presentation for a letter. Make sure you have tracked down the correct person and take care to spell his or her name accurately.

A Sample Letter for Soliciting a Review

This letter provides an idea for an effective way to present a book for reviewing purposes. Make sure to change the details so they are relevant to your book and situation.

Dear Reviewer (make sure to use the person’s actual name):

My book (title here in italics) has just been published by (your business name or publisher name here). Because you frequently review books that are similar to mine, such as your recent review of (title of a similar book), I thought it might be of interest to you.

In this next part of the letter, provide your “elevator pitch” for the book. This should be composed of 5-8 sentences that give the reviewer an idea what your book is about. Make sure you mention the readership the book is designed for, such as children’s picture book, young adult, adult nonfiction or fiction, etc.

Next, list the title again, the publisher, and the ISBN 10 and 13 digit identifiers. List the publication date, the trim size, and the page length.

In this final portion of the letter, list your writing and hobby/interest credits if they are relevant to this particular book. You can also list your website and social media links.

If the book is already for sale at online bookstores, you can list 3-5 of those links if you wish.

Finally end with...

If you are interested in reviewing the book, please contact me (your e-mail or phone or both) and I will send you your choice of e-book (pdf, epub, or mobi) or if you prefer I can send the paperback/hardback.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your consideration.

Best Wishes,

(your name)

Best of luck in drafting your own perfect cover letter. Comment below with any questions or to share any tips or tricks that have worked for you. Our next blog post will cover how to safeguard yourself as a self-published or small press author from common mistakes people make when it comes to reviews. Until next time, keep writing because Behind Every Monster There's a Story to Tell!

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