Review Copy: Glimmer, Sing of Sun!

Glimmer Cover (Large).jpg
Glimmer Cover (Large).jpg

Review Copy: Glimmer, Sing of Sun!


By Raven Howell and Carina Povarchik

Burst to bright adventures where vivid colors sprout, the sun paints the sky, and days are strawberry-scented. Creating a landscape of light, this picture poetry book transforms the ordinary in life to glimmering significance. Written and illustrated by collaborating team Raven Howell and Carina Povarchik, this collection is a joyful and imaginative companion book to Howell and Povarchik’s Shimmer, Songs of Night

Target Age: 5+

Published by Clear Fork Publishing; ISBN: 978-1-950169-11-5; $24.99; 48 pp; hardcover

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