One of the most momentous events in history happened 50 years ago this month …


Apollo 11 lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin, along with Commander Neil Armstrong, and command module pilot Michael Collins were propelled roughly 238,000 miles into space with the moon as their destination. We are so honored to feature Dr. Buzz Aldrin in the second issue of our summer reading series, who tells us just what it felt like to walk on the moon.

Our July line-up also includes …

FIFA Women's World Cup USWNT champion Julie Ertz, Backstreet Boys member Howie D, Children's Musical Artist Laurie Berkner, and authors Max Brailler, Gina Perry, and Pseudonymous Bosch, who tell us about their latest books! And don't miss a special interview with 17-year-old teen activist Arjun Marwaha, who is issuing a call to action on a very serious problem.

Also inside, get ready for summer reading! Larissa Juliano opens her teaching toolbox and discusses ways to blast off with summer space adventures, and the summer of comics continues with Julianne Black. James Patterson hands over his column to Derek Milman, who tells us some of his summer reading memories, and Judy Newman drops us a line to talk about some very determined students.

Be sure to check out our newest book reviews, summer reading list, and Nick's review of Toy Story 4. It's all inside!

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