Kids Can Publish

Kids Can Publish is a program for children under the age of 18 to be able to have their written works, such as poems, articles, stories, or drawings considered for print in Story Monsters Ink® magazine. Kids can also nominate their favorite teacher or become a Story Monsters Reviewer. Best of all, this program is free!

Do you have a creative work you would like to submit for possible print consideration?


  • A parent or guardian needs to download and complete the permission form. Then, email the form with the written work (.doc or .docx file) to Cristy Bertini.
  • Submissions should not exceed two pages in length in order to be considered for publication.
  • Students may submit as many entries as they wish, but a separate entry form must accompany each.
  • There is no compensation for publication.

Teacher of the Month

Do you have a special teacher that you would like to tell us about? Email a letter to Cristy Bertini. explaining why your teacher(principal, librarian, paraprofessional, etc.) is the best, and we may choose him or her as our Teacher of the Month!

If your teacher is chosen, we will send him or her a Story Monster t-shirt. We will also print your letter along with a photo (good quality .jpg) of you and your teacher in Story Monsters Ink!

You will need a parent or guardian's permission slip submitted along with your letter.

Become a Story Monsters Reviewer!

Tell us about your favorite book! Each month, Story Monsters Ink publishes reviews of children's books written by children as well as educators.


  • You may review any genre of children's books, fiction or nonfiction.

  • Story Monsters Ink only publishes positive reviews that recommend good books.

  • Reviews must be well-written with proper grammar. Youth reviewers should ask a teacher or parent to look over their reviews before submitting them.

  • We encourage reviewers to also submit photos of themselves reading the book they are reviewing. Photos must be good quality jpegs (.jpg).

  • Please include a good quality jpeg (.jpg) of the book cover (a PDF file acceptable if jpeg is unavailable).
  • Youth writers/reviewers will need to download a parent or guardian's permission form to submit. Email completed form with their work (.doc or .docx file) to Cristy Bertini.