Henry Winkler Talks School, Dyslexia and More in Latest ‘Story Monsters Ink’ Issue


CHANDLER, AZ (April 2017) – From The Waterboy, Click and Holes to Arrested Development and Parks and Recreation—not to mention, of course, Happy Days— Henry Winkler’s 40+ year career has made him a household name. Despite his onscreen success, Winkler told Story Monsters Ink magazine in a recent interview that his proudest achievement stems from a different medium: literature.

School was always a challenge for Winkler, who struggled with dyslexia—an unnamed condition at the time. Now, four decades and over 100 TV and film credits later, Winkler channels those struggles into his Hank Zipzer series.

His first series, Hank Zipzer: The World’s Greatest Underachiever, features a fourth-grade student with learning challenges and is based on Winkler’s experiences growing up. The series was so popular that Winkler and co-author Lin Oliver created a second-grade version of the character for the chapter book series, Here’s Hank.

Winkler has an important message for all kids: “If you can imagine it, you can do it. You have to at least try.”

Story Monsters Ink’s April issue also features Genevieve Shaw Brown, ABC News’ travel and lifestyle editor and creator of the Happiest Mommy Challenge. Fighting fatigue and poor eating habits, Brown had a realization: in focusing all of her attention on her children, she was neglecting to take care of herself.

Her first book, The Happiest Mommy You Know: Why Putting Your Kids First is the Last Thing You Should Do, speaks to the importance of self-care and making time for exercise, relationships and sleep. She hopes the book will help other mothers realize that it’s okay to put themselves and their needs first.

“The Happiest Mommy Challenge was about becoming a happier person myself and having a happier family,” Brown said. “When I became happier, [my family] became happier, too.”

Also in the April issue are interviews with actor Matty Cardarople and authors Justine Danielle Del Monte, Mike Malbrough, and Roxy Morgan; special contributions from Noelle Sterne, Ph.D. and Christy Olson; and more.

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