Dragonfly Book Awards Co-op Bookmark


Dragonfly Book Awards Co-op Bookmark


Boost your book's visibility by participating in a co-op bookmark for Dragonfly Book Award winners. Bookmarks will be given away to teachers and students or distributed at book festivals or other events. The design will feature up to 8 book covers from Dragonfly Book Award winners. 10,000 bookmarks will be printed and each participating author will receive 100 bookmarks. The fee to participate is $99 per title.

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After completing your order, please email Linda F. Radke the following:

  • hi-res image of book cover
  • Book title, author(s) name(s), illustrator's name, and website address

Note: a minimum of 8 titles are required before the bookmark will be created. Author will be given opportunity to review the design to ensure accuracy before bookmarks are printed.

You may pay by check by entering promo code: PAYBYCHECK at checkout.

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Participate in any marketing co-opportunity and receive a free, 12-month featured listing at AuthorsandExperts.com ($99 value). The code to redeem your free listing will be included in the email containing your paid invoice receipt from Story Monsters LLC.