Book Production Services

Still in the idea stage? Have a manuscript in hand? Need a book cover designed or interior illustrations? Ready for that final polish? We're prepared to work with you and your book at any stage. You can submit your manuscript for an honest evaluation of strengths, weaknesses, and potential. You can have one of our graphic designers help turn your book into a visual masterpiece.

Take a look at what we offer:

Manuscript Evaluation

One of the first steps to take toward publishing your book is ensuring your manuscript is the best that it can be. The ideal way to achieve this is by having your manuscript evaluated by a well-qualified professional. When we receive your manuscript, we will assign it to an editor best suited for your book's subject matter who will carefully read your manuscript in order to provide you with a written evaluation, pointing out areas of strengths and weaknesses, as well as offering some specific suggestions for needed improvement. (Be prepared. With some manuscripts, our recommendations may include the need for extensive rewriting in order for it to achieve its full potential!). We promise to be candid, yet diplomatically honest, while offering constructive feedback in our evaluation.


Every manuscript must be edited. We can provide you with professional editing assistance. Our goal is to add polish to your writing while still maintaining your style and personality. We also offer substantive editing when there is some rewriting, reorganizing and fact checking of the manuscript or line-by-line editing, where we analyze sentence structure, look for typos, style inconsistencies, and issues with grammar, spelling and punctuation.


Proofreading is one of the most important stages a manuscript goes through on the way to publication. The finest prose and the most expertly researched and written text are both rendered suspect in the eyes of readers if they contain errors, be they egregious or simply careless mistakes. Our proofreaders have the breadth of knowledge and experience to assist you with ensuring that your manuscript truly shines.

Book Cover Design

What would a book be without a striking cover? Your book cover should not only to complement your subject matter, but also to urge potential readers to pick it up and take it home! Our talented graphic designers specialize in creating integrated, eye-catching designs to make your book stand out from the rest.

Page Design & Layout

Often overlooked is the page design and layout of the book. The way a story is written could be award-winning, but if the book is poorly designed, it may not garner the attention it deserves. Our graphic designers are able to transform your manuscript into a visual masterpiece by formatting and typesetting the interior pages, designing chapter pages, and choosing fonts that complement the style or subject of your book.

Book Printing

Whether you want to print 1,500 books or just 25 at a time, we are able to provide you with attentive service when managing printing process of your book. We offer competitive pricing options, detailed instructions on how to prepare print-ready files, and a printed proof of the book for you to approve. You will find that our quality is unsurpassed.

Here’s what folks are saying …

I had the privilege to work with Linda Radke and the entire Story Monsters team on my recently published book, The Taco Stand....this was the first book I ever published, and I went into the process with absolutely ZERO knowledge of what it takes to publish a book....Even though there was a lot of work involved in getting my book ‘print-ready,’ it never seemed overwhelming ... [When] my shipment of books arrived, I excitedly opened the first box like a kid on Christmas morning.  When I held my book in my hands, I had a wave of emotion come over me.  I was so proud of this book that had been a dream of mine for years and I was so grateful for the Story Monsters team that helped that dream become a reality.

Now I can’t wait to write my next book and wouldn’t dream of going through the process with anyone other than Linda, Patti, and my Story Monsters family!
— Tim S. Vasquez, author of The Taco Stand and owner/operator of Someburros

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