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Need help with reaching the media or schools? Is it time to give your website an update? Maybe you need a bookmark or you are getting ready to launch a new book? Story Monsters LLC offers host of marketing services for authors of books for children and general audiences alike. Our team of professionals understands that no two books are alike and one size does not fit all! That is why it is important that each marketing package we create is customized to fit an individual author's marketing goals, target audience, and budget.

Need help getting started?

We recommend setting up a free 15-minute phone consultation with Linda F. Radke to discuss your goals. Named “Book Marketer of the Year” by Book Publicists of Southern California, Linda F. Radke and her team of professionals have been developing effective marketing programs since 1985.

Take a look at what we offer:

Media Kits

With so many voices clamoring to be heard, the media is continually inundated with requests for interviews from authors, experts, product representatives, and more. To cut through all of the white noise, we develop a creative and compelling “pitch” for your book that will catch the attention of prominent media members. Our media kit consists of: a one-page news release, author biography page, fact sheet about your book. 10-word / 15-word / 25-word / 50-word / and 100-word descriptions of your book, list of 10 to 12 suggested media questions and a pitch letter targeted to members of the media and/or potential reviewers.

Download the Media Kit Worksheet to get started.

Book Marketing Plan

Your road map to giving your book a winning chance to flourish in today's marketplace! No two books or two authors are alike. That is why we believe in the importance of creating a customized marketing plan tailored to each author's individual needs. Story Monsters LLC specializes in providing a comprehensive, step-by-step outline on the best ways to promote, market, and sell your book. A book marketing plan gives you the tools you need to stay on track so you know when and what you should be doing to promote your book.

Educators Email Campaign

Get your message out to 6,000 educators as quickly and efficiently as possible. Story Monsters LLC will focus on developing your message and increasing the visibility of your book or business to educators. Our Educators Email Campaign includes a professionally-designed Author or Publisher Spotlight email that is sent to a targeted list of teachers, administrators, and superintendent of schools. We will also promote you on the Story Monsters social media pages. Any leads that are generated will be forwarded to you for your follow up.

Librarians Email Campaign

Get your message out to 5,000 K-12 educational librarians. Story Monsters LLC will focus on developing your message and increasing the visibility of your book or business to librarians. Our Librarians Email Campaign includes a professionally-designed Author or Publisher Spotlight email that is sent to a targeted list of K-12 librarians. We will also promote you on the Story Monsters social media pages. Any leads that are generated will be forwarded to you for your follow up.

Media and Book Bloggers Email Campaign

Get your message out to over 6,000 members of the media and book bloggers! Story Monsters LLC will develop your message to increase your book’s visibility. Our Media and Book Bloggers Email Campaign includes a professionally-designed Author Spotlight email sent to a targeted list of media members (newspaper, magazine, radio, and wire services) and book bloggers and tracked by Story Monsters LLC. As part of the campaign, you will also be promoted on the Story Monsters social media pages. Any leads that are generated will be forwarded to you for your follow up.

Book Display Co-ops

Short on time or budget to travel to various book events? Combine your efforts (and dollars) with Story Monsters LLC and other authors at our book events to increase your visibility and potentially boost book sales.

News Releases

Do you want to extend the shelf-life of your book? Are you serious about promoting your book? Want to let the world know your book has won an award? As a way to promote anything newsworthy about your book, a news release should be part of your marketing efforts. Let the media, bloggers, and other journalists know about your book as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our skilled copywriters will write a news release that will make you and your book shine. We are also able to pitch it to a newswire service for you—just ask us for details!

Social Media Campaign

Just because your book didn't come out yesterday doesn't mean that you can't attract new readers! Today's power of social media, online promotions, and email marketing gives you the opportunity to directly engage with readers and potential readers alike. If you're interested in promoting a book or eBook to attract new readers or build a network of followers through social media and online marketing, we can help you! Best of all, every campaign is tailored to each author's specific needs and goals.

Media Pitch (Local or National)

A media pitch is one of the best and most compelling ways to attract the media to tell an author’s story. We tailor each media pitch unique to the type of book, topic of book, geographic location, and more.

Book Reviewers Pitch

One of the goals of every author is to get their book reviewed. Book reviews help build buzz to inform potential readers and buyers about your book. We customize each pitch to subject-appropriate book reviewers, bloggers, and magazine editors.

Book Giveaway Campaign

Do you want to increase the amount of times your eBook is downloaded on Amazon Kindle or get the word out about a new book you're launching? A book giveaway campaign is the perfect way for new and established authors to promote their books online to their target audience. We have several book giveaways to choose from that are adaptable to each author's objectives.

Goodreads Giveaway

A Goodreads Giveaway is a powerful marketing tool to generate buzz, raise awareness about your book, and help you get reviews. Story Monsters LLC will set up and manage your giveaway and encourage readers to spread the word about your book to build your Goodreads audience. Available for print, audio, and eBooks.

Marketing Collateral

What do your marketing materials say about you and your book? We can create professional, eye-catching designs to reach your customers and make your book stand out from the rest. Just let us know your marketing collateral needs and we will promptly provide you with a plan and an estimate. We offer the quality that your book deserves and the technical expertise to properly prepare print-ready files for the following professionally-designed products:

  • ad design

  • bookmarks

  • business cards

  • company logo and letterhead

  • flyers

  • postcards

  • posters (foam-core mounted)

  • retractable banners

Labels & Rubber Stamps

Need a label or stamp for your book or company? Check out our catalog and find labels for every industry! We offer thousands of shapes and sizes in spot or full color and prices for every budget! Ask us how you can save 10% on your first order. Call 480-940-8182 for details.

Here’s what folks are saying …

Linda Radke and her team are a great pleasure to work with. On a professional level, they know the ‘ins and outs’ of book promotion. They don’t get stuck. With this team, I learned to expect the unexpected. If one idea didn’t work, they would find another one that did. The bottom line: they get results. As an author, I am grateful for what she did, and recommend her services to others who need a winning marketing strategy for their books.
— John Horvat II, author of Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society Where We've Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go
Top notch professional in book publishing and promotions. Linda’s unique insights based upon decades of experience allow clients to see great results. She continues to promote client work through extensive industry relationships. Linda’s honesty and integrity are the foundation of her business.
— Rick D. Niece, award-winning author of Fanfare for a Hometown series
Thank you to Story Monsters for the exceptional care, followup activity, and professional outreach of the Educational Email Campaign that I participated in, not only once but twice, due to the amazing results and follow up....I would definitely do it again....After you experience the Educational Email Campaign, you will understand why it is a must-do.
— Nancy Gee, author of The Secret Book Series

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