Story Monsters Approved! Entry Submission


Story Monsters Approved! Entry Submission


The Story Monsters Approved! book award program recognizes and honors accomplished authors in the field of children’s literature that inspire, inform, teach, or entertain. Kids know when they see the Story Monsters Approved! seal, it means children their own age enjoyed the book and are recommending they read it, too. How do they know that? Because after books pass a first round of rigorous judging by industry experts, the books are then judged by a panel of youth judges who must also endorse the books before they can receive the official seal of approval.

There is no deadline to enter. Submissions are judged as they are received.


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Change the quantity to indicate the number of categories entering for one book. If submitting more than one book, after item is added to the cart, begin the process again by changing the quantity and clicking on "Add to Cart."

Printed Books: Mail two (2) copies of each book for each category in which it is entered. Along with the books, send one (1) printed copy of the email confirmation per title for each category in which the book is entered. All entries can be sent in the same envelope.

Mail entries to:
Cristy Bertini
1271 Turkey Street
Hardwick, MA 01082