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“Writers may write in isolation, however if no one knows our work exists then why are we writing? So, writers need to emerge from their 'cocoon,' and for me, Story Monsters Ink was it. Another thank you to this publication's quirky, talented and energetic team ...”

—Sherrie Todd-Beshore, Award-winning Children’s Author

“I am super smiley to be in your June Magazine!! :) Hoping a gazillion people will visit and READ it!!!”

—Tania Guarino, Children’s Author

“My life’s mission as Reader in Chief of Scholastic Book Clubs is to get excellent books in the hands of as many kids as possible. Story Monsters Ink is an incredible resource for teachers and librarians and parents—anyone at all--who shares that mission. Through feature stories about talented children’s book authors and illustrators and kid-friendly book-inspired activities, Story Monsters Ink does a wonderful job of bringing books to life and introducing kids to the joys of reading for fun. I urge you to pick up this magazine. You’ll love it!”

—Judy Newman, President, Scholastic Book Clubs 

“I Recommend This Magazine ~ Strongly ~ 5 Star Review.

I absolutely loved this magazine for children and adults to learn more about books and authors. I would love to know where to buy the next copy.”

— Mindith R, Reviewer, www.netgalley.com

“I am happy you are being progressive with Story Monster Ink. By your bold decision to move forward in the new year with a digital format, you are protecting the magazine’s future.  It will be around for teachers, parents, and students to enjoy its informative information on today's popular authors, along with the books that are coming out each month. There are too many of our good magazines for children and teens going out of business because they may not have made this move even though it is scary. 

I hope everyone gives the magazine a chance.  I'm confident that the new version will be even better.  I know I will [give the magazine a chance] because I don't want to be without Story Monster Ink every month.  I count on it.”

— Debra Covey, Library Technical Assistant, Maywood, Nebraska 

“I Recommend This Magazine ~ Strongly ~ 5 Star Review!

This magazine is chock full of good stuff! It will be an invaluable resource to use when ordering kids and teen books for the library.”

— Carmen Boheler, Librarian, www.netgalley.com

“Thanks for making such a wonderful magazine! I have a handful of teacher friends who use Story Monsters Ink in their classrooms!”

— Ryan Mita, Membership and Marketing Manager, The Children's Book Council, Every Child a Reader

“Story Monsters Ink is the best new magazine for children I've seen in years. Feature articles are all about people and books that kids can easily relate to; the book reviews introduce new books that might have otherwise been overlooked, and the variety of topics covered is outstanding. The balance of educational and entertaining is perfect to engage kids and keep them looking forward to the next issue. I've been reading it with my grandchildren since it first came out and it just keeps getting better.”

— Review by Amazon Customer, 5 out of 5 stars, "Great magazine for kids and parents"

“Story Monsters Ink is a great magazine for kids, teens, and parents alike! They offer great insightful articles in the world of literacy and publishing! When I first stumbled upon the magazine I knew I had to share it with the schools and librarians I work with here in Canada! Great for a wide range of ages, Story Monsters Ink is a great magazine to keep around school libraries! The magazine offers great in depth interviews with high profile figures and is a great tool for engaging and educating students! I really enjoy the reading lists and book reviews and really has something to offer for everyone, even reluctant readers! I was fortunate enough to have the chance to work with the people behind Story Monsters Ink and they are just as lovely as their magazine!”

— Review by Amazon Customer, 5 out of 5 stars, “Story Monsters is a great magazine for kids

“Story Monsters Ink is the most wonderful magazine for readers of all ages! They highlight incredible people in the writing community, and advertise the newest up and coming books that we'll all want to read! Every page is in full color, which is warm and welcoming and makes the experience so enjoyable! I would definitely recommend ordering a subscription! And order a subscription for your child's school as well!”

— Review by Amazon Customer, 5 out of 5 stars, “Story Monsters Ink is Marvelous!

“Love Story Monsters. It filled with the latest books and products that will encourage any child to have fun while they learn. Interesting articles that will keep anyone plugged-in and current in what is around for your child. Great resource!!”

— Carole P. Roman, award-winning children's author

“With each month I'm more impressed with the content of this magazine. It always has something of interest for educators, for parents, and for children in each issue. I find that it does a great job of balancing inspirational messaging with useful information. Great subscription.”

— Review by Amazon Customer, 5 out of 5 stars, “Great subscription

“The adolescent years of today’s youth are not anything like my own children’s experiences, and certainly not anything like mine! Much of what we learned about the world came from books like ‘The Hardy Boys’ or ‘Anne of Green Gables.’ Not anymore. Today, our children (and grandchildren) move around in constant communication with the world, their friends, and with a bit of luck, us! The magazines of my childhood have held little interest—until now.

'Story Monsters Ink,' is geared to the interests and abilities of children of all ages—including the pre-teen through teen demographic. Best of all, it’s online and it’s FREE! Even more amazing, it appeals to parents and teachers, too! There is something for everyone. Every issue spotlights an author, athlete, celebrity, or other subjects close to the heart. It inspires youngsters to read, to learn, and to even write their own stories, which could be published in the magazine.

The Maricopa County Library District, serving over 4 million people and spanning an area over 9,000 square miles, will soon be launching a new website and is proud to include a link to the latest issues of this wonderful magazine.”

— Linda Goth, president, Friends of the Library, Maricopa County Library District and Robson Branch Library, Phoenix, AZ

“I’ve been working with Story Monsters since last December. I started by advertising my book, Gollywood, Here I Come!, and more recently, Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon. I thought the ads were above and beyond. And they allowed me to use them on my social media sites. The magazine looks so great and they get great people on the cover (who have interesting featured articles). The people involved with this company are really nice to work with and very professional. It’s truly been one of the best experiences I’ve had during this (author) journey.”

– Terry John Barto, author of Gollywood, Here I Come and Nickerbacher, The Funniest Dragon

Story Monsters Ink is a perfect tool for parents, guardians, and teachers everywhere. What we feed our children today will impact their health and well-being in the future. It is also true with what we let them feed their minds upon. Working parents don’t have the time to peruse the vast literary market and sample its goods. It’s hard to know where each storyline leads from its title or short description on the cover. Story Monster Ink provides you with a wide variety of stories, authors, and their purposes, building awareness and confidence in your reading choices. Books are read, content evaluated by children and adults alike, and helpful insights and interests are FREELY provided to those seeking to satisfy a solid, healthy, literary diet. Thank you, Story Monsters Ink!”

– Darleen Wohlfeil, author of Swiss Cheese Adventures and A Whirlwind of Discovery

“Our project is about Autism awareness and focusing on what they can do instead of what they can’t, which is something you hear all the time as a parent. I really like what you do at Story Monsters and doing research, this was the only award program I really wanted to get involved with. I really do like and appreciate what you do for authors. My daughter was so happy when her award package came. She was so proud and wears her t-shirt to bed. Thank you for that.”

– Susan Maggio, co-author of My Dog Holly

“I love the magazine and share it round my friends and colleagues. It has a lovely range of articles and informative pieces....”

– J.R. Poulter, multi-award winning children's and education author, and under the pen name, J.R. McRae, young adult books, literary fiction, and poetry

“When I got your email which informed that you decided to show Chae’s writing, I almost got fainted with surprise. Ha ha ha. And I immediately informed to Chae’s mom. And she said Chae cried with excitement. I really appreciate that you gave Chae this great opportunity. She will love to study English. As I wrote you before, I will continue sending our kids’ writings, and I hope you like them. Have a nice day!”

– Hee Cheol Park, school teacher, Chungnam, Korea


“Story Monsters Ink is a great way to advertise. They have timely articles and are a terrific source for indie authors to share their work.”

– Carole P. Roman, Author

“We have been publishing multicultural children’s books since 2010. Of all the advertising and promotional tools we have used over the years (and we’ve tried them all), Story Monsters Ink has provided us with the best return on investment. Within 48 hours of an ad appearing in SMI, we always see a substantial increase in sales . . . month after month.”

– Julie Murkette, Publisher, Satya House

“I am proud to be associated with Story Monsters Ink. Given the many advertising options that are available and the popularity of the magazine, it is a wonderful outlet in which to advertise books.”

– Donna LeBlanc, Author

“Story Monsters Ink has treasure buried deep within its pages: rich interviews with award-winning and debut authors, a wealth of resources and book/movie reviews, and sparkly little nuggets sprinkled throughout in the form of activities and science. Pure Gold! Absolutely and undeniably a must-have magazine for those of us questing for the next fantastical read! Thank you for advertising my novel, The Seasons of a Giant.With your beautiful design and encouragement, Seasons is conquering the world with oodles of awards and sales. You’ve been invaluable to this author’s success!”

– Pamela Hartley, Author

"Story Monsters Ink is an incredible magazine for everyone. I have advertised with Story Monster Ink for several months. The magazine is beautifully done, as well as the advertising spread they do for my book in the magazine is top notch. I highly recommend working with their amazing group of folks. Definitely my go-to place for book advertising.”

– Laurie Copmann, Author

“It has been a joy working with Cristy Bertini and the staff of Story Monsters Ink, in placing thoroughly effective advertising ads for my children's books in their magazine. Being a substitute teacher in several different school districts in Colorado, I interact with many teachers and students. I was delighted to hear that the teachers and students highly respected the magazine. They had not only seen my ads in Story Monsters Ink, but commented on how effective they found the advertisements.”

– Pamela Cannalte, Author

“It has been an absolutely wonderful experience for ‘The Longest Halloween’ to partner with Story Monsters Ink. The ad space that we received was far above what I had been used to with other periodicals at higher prices. The creativity of their graphic artists in presenting our books in a fun, surprising and colorful way that was consistent with our story's theme is indeed one of the hidden treasures of working with the Story Monsters Ink team. They value your loyalty tremendously, have across-the-board been so kind to work with and the magazine itself has been just a superlative resource for anyone who hopes to dialogue with educators, coaches, and providers who work especially with young people. If you've got a kid-friendly book or story to tell, you will not regret choosing to partner with Cristy Bertini and the Story Monsters Ink team.”

– Frank Wood, Author

“Story Monsters Ink has given me the opportunity to have a platform to reach potential customers for my children's books. The graphic design of my ads certainly highlights the key features of my books, buy yet provide a cohesive feeling that brings all the colors and themes together. With a wide variety of talented authors, illustrators, and entertainers that have been featured thus far, readers know that they can trust the integrity of Story Monsters Ink. They offer high-quality, diverse articles, literary opportunities for young readers to grow and learn, and the ability to showcase and advertise literary works with ease through high-quality graphic design and superb customer communication.”

– Sherry L. Hoffman, Author 

“Working with Story Monsters has been a wonderful and valuable experience. Their thoughtful ad design and personal service has helped me generate both awareness and sales for my books and my work! I highly recommend Story Monsters as a proven and valued partner to work with.”

– Pam Saxelby, Author


Production Support

“I had the privilege to work with Linda Radke and the entire Story Monsters team on my recently published book, The Taco Stand.  I have to start by saying this was the first book I ever published, and I went into the process with absolutely ZERO knowledge of what it takes to publish a book.  All I knew was that I had a cute little story and some pictures that I thought people might like.

 Linda made me feel so comfortable from our first meeting and patiently answered all my questions.  She carefully explained how the process would work, what would be required from me, and what assistance they would provide.  It was a lot of information to digest, but she was never pushy and gave me time to take it all in.

 After thinking on it for a few days, I decided to move forward with Story Monsters. That’s when the real MAGIC began.  I worked with Linda closely throughout the process, but Patti became my main point of contact.  They walked me through it, step by step.  Even though there was a lot of work involved in getting my book ‘print-ready,’ it never seemed overwhelming as we just handled what was in front of us at the moment. 

 Both Linda and Patti seemed genuinely excited about my book and that motivated me to get through the process and make sure the book was perfect before going to print.  I can’t overemphasize their patience in working with a first-time author in myself.  When they needed the illustrations delivered to them, they were expecting a Drop Box or flash drive.  Instead, I hand-delivered a stack of watercolor paintings in an envelope!  They just smiled and said, ‘No problem, we will take care of it.’  This is just one of countless examples in which they went above and beyond the call of duty to help in any way they could.

 When all was said and done, my shipment of books arrived.  I excitedly opened the first box like a kid on Christmas morning.  When I held my book in my hands, I had a wave of emotion come over me.  I was so proud of this book that had been a dream of mine for years and I was so grateful for the Story Monsters team that helped that dream become a reality.

 Now I can’t wait to write my next book and wouldn’t dream of going through the process with anyone other than Linda, Patti, and my Story Monsters family!

Tim S. Vasquez, author of The Taco Stand and owner/operator of Someburros

“… You and the entire staff are professional, passionate, and ethical! Thanks for all your help on this, and most of all, your belief in my book.

Janet Stoeppelmann, author of Light the Way

“My manuscript was drafted, yet I had no idea how it would be reviewed by an agent or publisher. Linda Radke and her team found editors that gave me two distinct and valuable perspectives that allowed me to rewrite with confidence. This type of help is very hard to come by, and is very, very helpful.”

— Marlane Miller, global consultant, executive coach, master trainer, and quthor of BrainStyles: Change Your Life WITHOUT Changing Who You Are (Simon & Schuster)


“I am quite happy with how everything went with managing our project. Kudos! I'll recommend your services to others.”

— Dr. Maria Droujkova, NaturalMath.com

“Thank you to Story Monsters for the exceptional care, followup activity, and professional outreach of the Educational Email Campaign that I participated in, not only once but twice, due to the amazing results and follow up....I would definitely do it again...After you experience the Educational Email Campaign, you will understand why it is a must-do.”

— Nancy Gee, author of The Secret Series

“Linda Radke and her team are a great pleasure to work with. On a professional level, they know the 'ins and outs' of book promotion. They don't get stuck. With this team, I learned to expect the unexpected. If one idea didn't work, they would find another one that did. The bottom line: they get results. As an author, I am grateful for what she did, and recommend her services to others who need a winning marketing strategy for their books.”

John Horvat II, author of Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society Where We've Been, How We Got Here, and Where We Need to Go

“For a first-time author wanting to get their book into the global marketplace and into the hands of its intended readers is a huge and risky undertaking. There are so many decisions a person with no prior publishing experience needs to consider in order for have their work stand out and get noticed ... From day one, you and your staff treated me with the highest level of professionalism, honesty and integrity ... What stands out the most to me were the times that the team would go above and beyond what was stipulated in our agreement. With your expertise and years of industry knowledge, you always managed my expectations and never promised on things that you could not deliver on ... My entire involvement in working with everyonewas one of the most enjoyable and rewarding business experiences.”

— Kim Malchuk, author of Tasting Rain

Top notch professional in book publishing and promotions. Linda's unique insights based upon decades of experience allow clients to see great results. She continues to promote client work through extensive industry relationships. Linda's honesty and integrity are the foundation of her business.

— Rick D. Niece, award-winning author of Fanfare for a Hometown series

Co-op Events

“I have done co-op events with Story Monsters twice now, and have been quite happy with the results. The cost is affordable, the visibility of my title — both at the event and online — seems to be good, and the staff has been most helpful and supportive both times. Thank you for making participation in these events both easy and effective.”

— Dorothea Jensen, Award-winning author of A Buss from Lafayette

“I have had the pleasure of working with Linda Radke, founder of Five Star Publications, now Story Monsters, LLC, for several years. At first I simply inquired about her services, and Linda was generous with her time. Later, after my first book debuted, I entered some of the contests her company sponsors, which are operated by an independent arm.

When my book What Lies Within won first place in two categories in the 2014 Royal Dragonfly Awards, I called Linda for a marketing consultation. I found her sage advice extremely helpful and her consulting fees quite reasonable.

Now that my second book, The Spirit of Villarosa, placed first in two categories in the 2016 Royal Dragonfly Awards, my coauthor and I signed up for Linda’s creative co-op marketing packages. Her organization of these events and her followup show her knowledge, skills, and nearly 30 years of publishing and marketing experience.

Linda knows what she’s doing, but she doesn’t perform her magic on her own. She has gathered a marvelous team of professionals to assist her. I wholeheartedly endorse Story Monsters, LLC, and look forward to a long relationship with Linda and her team as I continue to write my stories.”

— Libby J. Atwater, Award-winning author of What Lies Within and The Spirit of Villarosa

“It was a pleasure and an honor to have my book, Lions and Tigers and Terrorists, Oh My! How to Protect Your Child in a Time of Terror, included in the Story Monsters booth at the AASL National Conference & Exhibition. The pictures of librarians at the booth, that they posted on Facebook, allowed me to see that my book was being well looked after. And the feedback, after the event - including leads - was an unexpected bonus. Thank you, Story Monsters!”

— Carole Lieberman, M.D., Author

“Thank you for all the co-ops you offer and the work you do... for literacy... for us authors... for reading and books in general!”

— Pam Saxelby, Award-winning author of Josie the Great and Max and Bear

“Many thanks for the leads! I am ON THIS! ... Always great to have a name to send a personalized note and a donated book or two for their library.”

— Conrad J. Storad, Award-winning children's science and nature author

I just wanted to follow-up and say a big Thank You for the opportunity to be a part of the AASL National Conference in Phoenix. Also, a big thank you for the follow-up Excel spread sheet with contact information for future possibilities of author visits with schools. The AASL Conference was an awesome opportunity to be a part of encouraging reading and to partner with Story Monsters LLC.

— Sharmaine Bernard, Author

Consulting / Speaking

It was such an honour working with Linda Radke for my marketing consultation! With thirty years of industry expertise under her belt, Linda offers exceptional insight in the world of book promotion. Right from the start she pitched ideas that were catered to my personal needs and taught me how to market my book and myself as the author! As a Canadian author, the global book marketplace seems much easier to navigate after speaking with Linda! I really believe she has the knowledge to bring your career to the next level. I would recommend Story Monsters LLC's services to any author desiring a personalized marketing plan. Linda has shown me nothing but kindness since I started working with Story Monsters LLC and she continually exceeds my expectations! I am eternally grateful for everything Linda and her team has done for me!

— Alessia Dickson, Award-winning author of The Crystal Chronicles

If your organization is looking for an excellent speaker, panelist, or professional to share their insight about publishing, I highly recommend Linda Radke.

— Angela Haskovec, Arizona State University

Linda knows how to captivate an audience and leave an impression. The class loved Story Monster and learning about publishing.

— Rachel Farr, advanced creative writing student, Mountain Pointe High School, Arizona



Dragonfly Book Awards

Winning two Purple Dragonfly awards over the past three years is such a great honor! My fan base has grown because of these awards as readers respect and acknowledge the prestige of a Purple Dragonfly Book Award.

— Diane Mae Robinson, multi-award-winning children’s author, www.dragonsbook.com

My book, ‘That Mama is a Grouch, was awarded first place in Family Matters category of the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. Winning the award gave my book exposure which resulted in an increase in sales, and gave me motivation to keep writing.

— Sherry Ellis, author of That Mama Is a Grouch, www.sherryellis.org

To me, happiness is winning a Dragonfly Book Award! I’ve been fortunate to be a winner twice. ‘Confessions of a Movie Addict’ earned First Place in the autobiography/memoir category back in 2012. And 'Cinema Stanzas: Rhyming About Movies' took Second Place in the 2016 Poetry category.

Being a winner each time gave my books a big PR push that included newspaper articles, extra social media coverage, and radio interviews. I was especially surprised at the renewed interest in ‘Confessions of a Movie Addict.’ It was published way back in 2001! Where else could a book published over ten-years ago win an award? I was almost as surprised when ‘Cinema Stanzas,’ an eBook published last year was a second place Poetry winner in 2016. It’s my first attempt at combining poetry and film reviews. This shows how open the Dragonfly Book Awards are towards new approaches. Thankfully, the Poetry award has helped me achieve serious consideration as a poet.

Thanks, Dragonfly Book Awards, for providing this very special contest for authors.

— Betty Jo Tucker, author of Confessions of a Movie Addict and Cinema Stanzas: Rhyming About Movies

Winning first place in the Children's Picture Books category for the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards for Max and Bear, has provided a new level of interest in my book. The credibility that is achieved by winning an award increases the exposure and opportunity for marketing. I am honored and grateful to be part of this special group!

— Pam Saxelby, author of Max and Bear

I wanted to share with you my delight personally, and professionally to have my children's books: The Magic Straw Hat and Destination Adventure awarded The Purple Dragonfly Award Winners in 2016.

Both books are now in three book stores in New England, and I continue to be inspired to write. This award has captured a reading audience by this acknowledgement of excellence, from the esteemed staff at Story Monsters LLC, and I am very appreciative. Keep writing, and sharing stories.

— Karen Bricker, author of The Magic Straw Hat and Destination Adventure, karenbricker.com

As a debut children's book author, winning first place in the Royal Dragonfly Awards for Best Illustrator has been an exciting and affirming experience. My book was also selected as an Honorable Mention in the Children's Books six years and up category.  Winning the coveted Royal Dragonfly awards has created positive attention for my book. Thank you to the team of judges in the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards for helping my author dreams come true.

— Laurie Copmann, author of The Family Tree: The Night of the Storm

Winning the Purple Dragonfly Award is a huge honor. First, as an ESL primary teacher, I read lots of books to my students all day and many of them lack the family values needed nowadays. As a child, my late mother shared the legend of the mermaid with me and my sister every Easter. It was a tradition we enjoyed in addition to Peter Cottontail and chocolate bunnies. The legend became my favorite bedtime story as I always wondered why the girl turned into a mermaid for swimming on Good Friday. Later in life, I had two girls of my own and shared the story with them to keep the tradition of the legend alive. One day, I decided to write my own retelling of the story using the ideas I had imagined as a child. My goal was to present a message of family values, inspiration, and obedience while maintaining the integrity of the original legend. In 2015, the book won the Mariposa International Latino Book Award and I was thrilled. In 2016, when the book won the Purple Dragonfly Award for Cultural Diversity, I was beyond ecstatic! It's definitely a lifetime achievement and one I thank God for daily. Every time, I hear the story, it brings me back to the days of innocence when my mother was still alive and cancer-free. The book is my way of keeping the memory of my mother and this fascinating legend alive. The fact that other children get to read the legend of the mermaid and come up with their own wonderings is an added bonus. Thank you for helping me attain this lifetime achievement!

— Janet Balletta, AWA, author of The Legend of the Colombian Mermaid

Winning first place in the Biography and Historical Nonfiction category of the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards and having my book Story Monsters Approved! boosted my confidence and increased media attention regarding my work. I still feel so very honored to have been recognized and included in such an amazing literary community.

— Billie Holladay Skelley, author of Luella Agnes Owen: Going Where No Lady Had Gone Before

In 2014, I won first place in the Purple Dragonfly Awards Contest for my children's chapter book, The Ghost of Stonebridge Lane. Being my first children's chapter book, I was extremely proud to receive this award. It gave me the extra boost of confidence I needed to continue my writing.

I also was given Honorable Mention in 2014 in the Royal Dragonfly Awards Contest for my children's picture book, Nakita's Big Question. I was pleased with this award as this was my first children's picture book in which I had worked with a professional illustrator.

I continued my children's chapter book series with The Ghost of the Frozen North, which I entered in the 2015 Purple Dragonfly Awards Contest. I was awarded second place for this book.

It has been an honor to be able to compete with my books in your awards programs. The contests are well laid out and affordable for upcoming authors. It has also given me the pride and integrity necessary to produce well written books to entertain young readers. I look forward to adding more quality books to the list of Purple Dragonfly/Royal Dragonfly Awards in the future.

— Roberta Hoffer, award-winning children's author

Connecting with Story Monsters Ink magazine through the Story Monsters Approved! and the Purple Dragonfly Awards has been such a tremendous boost to my book’s visibility. With each contest, service or advertising opportunity offered comes with a multiple promotional windows—not only to be seen by those in the industry, but by other authors and illustrators, providing a wonderful digital network of friends, supporters and perpetual momentum for all my titles!

— Julianne Black, author/illustrator of Sleep Sweet, Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, picture books 5 and under, honorable mention

My picture book, Too Much Broccoli won Honorable Mention in the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards. Winning this award was a surprise for me and I was thrilled to receive it. The award encourages me to try to publish other books that currently are filed away in my basement.

— Barbara Beard, author of Too Much Broccoli

I am humbled that people enjoy the novel, The Seeds of Injustice, and deeply honored to be recognized.

— Micheal Jimerson, author of The Seeds of Injustice

One of the happiest moments of my entire career as a teen author was winning the grand prize as well as first place in the Youth Author category in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards for my YA novel, The Crystal Chronicles! I was absolutely ecstatic to win such a prestigious award that has given my book so much publicity! As a Canadian author, I feel like I’ve already gained so much exposure in the huge American book market after winning the award. Having this award under my belt has really catapulted my career into something great! I am now ready to tackle query letters for agents, hunt for a bigger book publisher, and so much more!

The testimonial from this years judge, Joe Murkette, was single handily the best review I’d ever received in my life as a teen author! Receiving such a wonderful testimonial was a huge honour and it left me shaking and in happy tears! I definitely will be adding my winnings and my judge testimonial to my author bio!

I recommend this contest to any author who is ready to bring their career to the next level. If that is you, make sure to enter. I’ve gained so much credibility and confidence from winning this contest. A big thanks to everyone involved in the Purple Dragonfly Book Awards! I am so proud of this huge lifetime achievement!

— Alessia Dickson, award-winning author of The Crystal Chronicles

“My thanks to Story Monsters Ink staff and contest judges for providing the yearly Purple Dragonfly contest. It's a wonderful opportunity to become more visible in the writing world.”

—M.C. Berkhousen

Story Monsters Approved!

“I was just notified that 'Hi My Name is Hanna and I’m Adopted' has won the Story Monsters Approved! designation from Story Monsters LLC!! My book, which was featured in the book review section in the September issue of Story Monsters Ink magazine, will be featured again in December announcing this award. Thank you so much Cristy Bertini and Story Monsters Ink!!”

– Angie Barton, author of Hi My Name is Hanna and I’m Adopted

As a piano instructor, I have made a conscience effort to remember what it was like to be a child. I’m the student at my weekly lesson, remembering how I felt when I struggled and when I achieved a goal. Today, I apply that to my teaching method. I do not view my student’s accomplishments through my eyes as an adult, but through theirs. I do want them to be challenged, and I find that I make much more progress by being firm yet understanding of their capabilities. An adult’s point of view is so very different than that of a child, and this is why I feel so fortunate to have found Story Monsters Approved! as an outlet for my books.

Who better suited to review a children’s book than the children who will be reading them? Throughout the years, adults may have forgotten how much fun it was to be a child, to feel free to imagine or to be silly. But children have not crossed over that adult border and are uninhibited to experiencing those feelings. To allow children the opportunity and the entitlement to approve a book should speak volumes to parents, educators and authors.

I’m thrilled to be a part of the Story Monsters Approved! family and praise them for their commitment to children.

— Donna LeBlanc, award-winning author of the Commander Josh series and Escape into the Mall

These awards have helped give my books more credibility. It helps me in my marketing efforts when I can say that kids in a certain age range loved my book. Kids and parents are more inclined to purchase my books when others have enjoyed them.

— Kathryn Andries, author of The Dream Doctor and The Big Desire

“My thanks to Story Monsters Ink staff and contest judges for providing the yearly Purple Dragonfly contest. It's a wonderful opportunity to become more visible in the writing world.”

— M.C. Berkhousen

Having Queen Vernita's Visitors educational series Story Monsters Approved! and winning in the Purple Dragonfly Book awards is priceless for my book series. It has added opportunities to my author career that I would not have otherwise been able to have in the increased exposure. The Story Monsters Approved! designation and being featured in Story Monsters Ink magazine has added an educational approval to the series that has an international reach. ... I look forward to many new opportunities that will arise as the series develops.

 — Dr. Dawn Menge, author of Queen Vernita's Visitors educational series

I have won several awards for both books from the ‘Liv On Life’ children's book series, ‘Going to the Park’ and ‘Green is Good,’ and both were Story Monsters Approved! I greatly appreciate these awards and being Story Monsters Approved! These notices' help Liv and I keep going. This is hard work, so when someone notices your book and understands what your wanting to put out into the work, it give you some more fuel to keep going.

— Elizabeth Gorcey, author of the Liv On Life children's book series

I was so honored when I found out that Priceless Penny was designated as Story Monsters Approved! I always display my Story Monster plush at book signing events. People see the Story Monster and want to know where he came from as well as the origins of the award. Winning this award has definitely brought more attention to my book and has created a greater sense of trust in potential book purchasers/readers. I am so thankful for the Story Monster Approved! designation.

— Lauren Kramer-Theuerkauf, author of Priceless Penny

School Express Press

“We received our published book, ‘What Leaves Behind,’ and are beyond thrilled. We wanted you to know how appreciative we are for all of your many tireless hours of help, encouragement, and professionalism that made this publication possible.”

— Lisa Moore, creative writing instructor, Pinnacle High School, Arizona


“Just a note to let you know that our author visit with Marion Margolis was wonderful! I was able to communicate with her before her visit and set up a schedule for visits to our Kindergarten and first grade classes. She was also able to help us purchase her books for the students, which she graciously autographed for each student.

The children loved her presentation and the book that she read for them, New Digs For Beau.

She was so well-received that we will be booking her for next year as well, when we get our new calendar finalized.

Thank you for your help with finding this wonderful author for our school!

— Cheryl Cohen, Vice Principal, Katharine D. Malone School, Rockaway, Township, New Jersey

...There is a need for your service!!!"

— Kathy, author

I think that AUTHORS AND EXPERTS is an invaluable website for writers and speakers. Also, I think that THE DRAGONFLY AWARDS are great for authors. I am going to enter at least two of the categories. I am pleased to be a member.

— Sarah Lipton, author

I just wanted to say thanks very much for offering this resource. I contacted two excellent experts via Authors and Experts were very willing to help me out with quotes for parenting articles. My client's delighted with the articles and I'm sure it's in no small measure because of the contributed quotes from your members. They were a real pleasure to work with. bonus is we're going to be working on a press release to launch my client's site soon, giving them even more exposure once that comes out. Putting on my editor hat, I'm also arranging to interview them both about their books in the future for The Cuckleburr Times.

— Kay Elizabeth, freelance writer

It is a fairly easy task to find guests for a radio or television show, it is another to find interesting guests. Authors and Experts ...[has] yet to let me down. I keep thinking they are going to send me an invoice someday for all the help they provide. They are what talent bookers refer to as a goldmine.

— Jack E. Jett, TV & Radio Host, Rational Radio, Q Television Network

Authors and Experts has worked out great for me from the moment I signed up. The site is easy to navigate, and I love the flexibility of being able to make changes anytime I want. I tried other author sites and this one is definitely the best.

— Marie Dubuque, Consumer Education Feature Writer for Suite101.com

I have been a featured author and expert on the appropriately titled website, authorsandexperts.com, for about a year. It has resulted in some great interviews and I have already pre-paid for my listing to continue for the next 2 years.

— Dating Expert Stephany Alexander, Founder WomanSavers.com, Author of Sex, Lies & and the Internet

Authors & Experts is a great networking tool. I was contacted within 24 hours after joining to appear as a guest on a radio show. Thanks and keep up the good work!

— Amanda Brooks

AuthorsandExperts.com is one of my best sources for interview guests!

— Doug Miles, WSRQ Radio (Sarasota, FL)

Thank you for referring me to Lets Talk Kids Radio, they phoned me and asked me to do an interview. I greatly appreciate it.

— JoAnn Dahan, Author of Kids Training Puppies in 5 Minutes and TV show host of Kids Training Puppies

It was like clockwork. I signed up with authorsandexperts.com and as with the other success stories that I've read here — sure enough, the first 24 hours were exciting indeed! I landed two radio interviews in markets where I'd not yet been on air. And, the best news of all is that I now have my very own column — something I've wanted long before I imagined that I'd write a book. As it turns out, my 'create pockets of joy and inject them into every single day' message was just what the publisher of a new regional magazine wanted for their 'Attitude' section. Even if nothing else comes of this relationship (but I hope it will!), it's already proven to be a great investment for me!

Helpful hint: Two of my email responses were directly caught by my Spam filter and I would never have seen theme if I didn't check my spam folder!

— Julie Clark Robinson, Author, Live in the Moment

After joining AuthorsandExperts.com, I had the opportunity to have my bio and book synopsis written for my description. I must say, it was by far, the best description of myself and my book I have read! I have also had contact from a media anchorman after only 2 days of being involved with A&E, offering me publicity. I believe that this was probably one of the best decisions I could have made. Coming into contact with A&E has been a blessing! The people are wonderful, and without a doubt, helpful.

— Tina Volpe, Author, The Fast Food Craze, Wreaking Havoc on Our Bodies and Our Animals, www.fastfoodcraze.com

I had joined A&E upon reading a quote from a new member, claiming that she had received a media enquiry the day after she joined. I cynically thought it was probably the "individual results may vary" kind of occurrence, but hey, the application was quick and easy; I had little to lose. So I sent in my application.... Less than 24 hours later, I received an enquiry from the Entrepreneur Magazine Radio show, for an interview on networking, my field of expertise!

— Olivia Fox Cabane, Executive Director

We love your services!!! Thanks for providing them.

— Jeanie Lehman, Manager, Customer Service, Silver Falls Press

I just wanted to let you know that my publicist was contacted today by someone from the media list. That's absolutely fabulous because I just joined A&E last night! Can you believe it? I must say, it was well worth stumbling upon this website and finding your services. If I don't get another contact from your list, I can still say the site is very useful. Already today I have recommended it to a few of my author friends.Thanks for making this service available for me and others!

— Janice Scott-Blanton, Author of Succulent Sex

I just wanted to let you know that I landed a one hour interview on a nationally syndicated radio program ... It is the Barry Farber Program carried by the Talk America Radio Network. He is very well known in talk radio and I am very excited. It is a great way to kick off my media efforts. Thanks!

— David DeBatto

I thought you would like to know that I had a wonderful one-hour live radio interview by Pet Radio Net in Ontario for the Pamela Jameison show. She really promoted my book, 'Wellington's Windows,' saying it should be in every school! Thank you for the connection! They got my name from your site.

— Marilyn Mae Randall, www.angelicgift.com

Thanks to my listing on your website, I have guested on the Ryen Lindsey show, Insights, on WDLB, Marshfield, WI, and have been invited back for a return slot this week. In addition, this morning I have been invited by the Roz and Leslie Show for KJSA 1120 AM in Dallas, and that will air tomorrow. Their producer also found me on your website.

— Linda Chalmer, Producer/Host for "What's New on WHLD," 1270 AM in Buffalo, NY

I initiated the Authors and Experts enrollment only 5 days ago and I have already been booked by talk-radio stations in Florida, California, and Wyoming. I am amazed at the response!

— Hank Christen, Dir. of Emergency Response Operations, Unconventional Concepts Inc.

We booked an author through AuthorsandExperts.com and the experience couldn't have been any better! When we called the author for the interview he was exceptionally well-prepared and waiting for us. He did such a nice job we kept talking about him for 45 minutes after the interview ended. I will jump at the next guest AuthorsandExperts.com suggests.

— Farrell Hirsch, Executive Producer, Playboy Radio

I have to say I've been quite pleased with the results of my clients' listings at AuthorsandExperts.com. One has had no less than six radio interviews as a result and others have had book review requests, interviews, etc. What a great service!

— Rusty Fischer, Author of BEYOND THE BOOKSTORE: 101 (Other) Places to Sell Your Self-Published Book

AuthorsandExperts.com is one of the most useful sites to find excellent authors and experts. We're proud to be associated with them as they have added value to the quality books we've been reviewing.

— Jennie S. Bev, Managing Editor of www.BookReviewClub.com

I have received nothing but great responses to my ad on your web site. I value your web site as an asset to what I am doing. Namely to produce a three hour Radio Talk Show 5 days a week...Thank you for all the help you have been.

— Dave Mitchell, News Director of "Don't Start Me Talking" with Dave and Dave, KTOX 1340 AM, Needles, CA

I just signed up a few days ago, and have already had a radio host for an afternoon talk show contact me to book an on-the-air interview (I did NOTHING except to reply to his email and agree to be interviewed)! AuthorsAndExperts.com is INCREDIBLE! I am convinced your service will help me take my business to the next level! It is exactly what I have been searching for - what a tremendous VALUE!"

— Patrick Snow, www.CreateYourOwnDestiny.com

As the editor of two big websites for writers, I regularly turn to AuthorsandExperts.com when I'm looking for authors to interview. I've been impressed by the variety and professionalism of authors who list with this service, and I will continue to refer to it to find interview candidates and books for review. It's a win-win situation: I get a convenient way to find new authors, and they get a ton of publicity for their books!"

— Jenna Glatzer, Editor-in-Chief, www.absolutewrite.com

AuthorsandExperts.com gets RESULTS! I just booked another major market radio talk show on short notice. As a former Associate Producer of a radio talk show and with appearances on more than 400 radio talk shows, I know how important it is for an author/expert to be available to the media on short notice. Thanks!

— Larry James, Author, How to Really Love the One You're With

Being a member of Authors and Experts, my membership finally paid off. I answered a guest wanted ad, received a reply and had an interview and lively discussion with Keith Cooper of WORC Radio. I had a lot of fun. The discussion was based on my book, "Don't Quit Your Day Job: Adventures For The Working Stiff.

— Jay Toberman, Author, Don't Quit Your Day Job: Adventures For The Working Stiff, www.jtadventures.com